• “Just a quick note to let you know that I’m really happy with my new Keeper™ – it’s so comfortable and practical. Thank you for making this product available to Aussie women ! (Helen, Subiaco, WA)

  • “The Keeper™ is practical, saves money and is absolutely invaluable when you are travelling … I went backpacking through the highly environmentally sensitive “Walls of Jerusalem” in Tasmania. All rubbish has to be taken out and dumped and I was so relieved I didn’t have to spend the week lugging soiled sanitary wear around with me. Its essential if you’re doing a long trip overseas to remote areas where sanitary protection is expensive and/or unavailable.” (Beverley, Sydney, NSW)

  • “Initially, it took some getting used to, as it was a completely alien concept with regards to the insertion method and product material. I also found it sometimes painful to pull out, but once I had practiced it became easier. Consequently, once I had overcome these 2 factors I became really happy that I bought it. From an environmental perspective, the Keeper™ is a wonderful innovation and thus it should receive more publicity. With thanks.” (Kate, Wangaratta, VIC)

  • “Thanks for a great product, I was a bit sceptical at first but now I would not be without my ‘Keeper™’. I constantly recommend it to my friends and it saves me a lot of money. My periods are irregular so when I think they are about due and I have to go out then I use my ‘Keeper™’. No more wasting money on tampons ‘waiting’ for my period to come.” (Debbie, Willunga SA)

  • “What an excellent product, saves me money, saves the environment and I don’t have to wrap tampons anymore (I live in the country with a septic system). To be honest I was not real sure that it would be easy to use but after only a few days I feel very comfortable using my cup.” (Jenny, Tully QLD)