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Why A Menstrual Cup?

Dear Friend, If you would like to stop wasting money on sanitary products, help save the environment by using a natural tampon alternative and have the convenience of not running out of sanitary products, then this might be the most important information you’ll ever read. Here’s why: We have been selling ‘The Keeper ™’ Period Cup for over 15 years and have many happy customers. ‘The Keeper™’ Menstrual Cup is an environmentally friendly and natural tampon alternative and a natural alternative to sanitary products. We will ship your ‘Keeper™’ Period Cup to you on the same day or next business day that you place your order. You will have your ‘Keeper™’ within a couple of days (in Australia) or less than a week if you are ordering from Overseas.

The Original & The Best

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‘The Keeper ™’ menstrual cup is a small, soft rubber cup, worn internally like a tampon, to collect the monthly flow. As it holds up to 30mls, emptying the cup a few times a day is usually adequate. It has a life expectancy of up to 10 years. Besides reducing waste, it is the most economical and carefree method of menstrual hygiene. After only seven months your ‘Keeper ™’ menstrual cup will have paid for itself ! No more monthly costs !! We offer a three month money back guarantee (less postage & handling) so you have nothing to lose by trying this far better solution. ‘The Keeper ™’ period cup is light and takes up little space, making it ideal for travelling, especially when tampons and pads are hard to get or unavailable. You can keep ‘The Keeper ™’ Menstrual Cup at home or in your handbag. Some women buy a spare one so that they can leave one at the office or in the car. To care for your ‘Keeper ™’ – just wash your hands with clean water before handling ‘The Keeper™’. When emptying ‘The Keeper ™’ period cup simply rinse in clean water and re-insert. At the end of your period, wash ‘The Keeper ™’ menstrual cup in hot soapy water (no need to boil), dry thoroughly and place in the convenient storage pouch.w.


The Original Menstrual Cup!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Don’t Buy Cheap Imitations- You Will Have No Idea What Some Of These Products Are Made From. Be Careful What You Put In Your Body. The Keeper Menstrual Cup - the Original & The Best​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"Initially, it took some getting used to, as it was a completely alien concept with regards to the insertion method and product material. I also found it sometimes painful to pull out, but once I had practiced it became easier. Consequently, once I had overcome these 2 factors I became really happy that i bought it. From an environment perspective, the Keeper™ is a wonderful innovation and thus it should receive more publicity. With thanks."​​​​​​​

- Kate, Wangaratta VIC​​​​​​​

"Just a quick note to let you know that I'm really happy with my new Keeper"​​​​​​​™ - it's so comfortable and practical. Thank you for making this product available to aussie women !

- Helen, Subiaco WA

"Thanks for a great product, I was a bit sceptical at first but now I would not be without my 'Keeper™'. I constantly recommend it to my friends and it saves me a lot of money. My periods are irregular so when I think they are about due and I have to go out then I use my 'Keeper™'. No more wasting money on tampon 'waiting' for my period to come."

- Debbie, Willunga SA